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Pelvis Anatomy - Anki Deck Anki (Free Open Source Spaced Repetition Flashcard Platform) deck encompassing pelvic anatomy The study was conducted as follows: A deck of 84 cards with images, clinical diagnosis and normal radiographs was developed. This is very important! 18 doctors reviewed the flashcard deck once. Anki is an open source program, meaning that anyone who wants to make modifications to it can, in the form of add-ons. So I think I somehow missed the whole Anki card wave for my basic science years, but now in clinical rotations, I was curious what decks do you guys use for Clinicals and how to best apply Anki for to honor rotations? Central Lines and Radiology. You do not want to put every single pierce information you see in your Qbank explanation in your Anki deck! Anki is a really intricate, powerful program, and I am by no means an expert. It is re-organized and probably the best organization currently available. Zanki Physiology + Pathology Anki Deck. paul.j.fenwick. As mentioned above, you should target your total deck to have fewer than 1,500 cards; 1,000 to 1,500 cards total is appropriate for most students. Several aspects of Spaced Radiology were designed to explicitly align with evidence-based strategies from applied memory research. The cards could be more granular; decks tend to be fairly broad. The Anki deck comes pre-divided; Cons: There are just too many cards (20,000+) to get through in a single dedicated test prep time frame (

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