About the Comics:

Luke Fleishman

“Tales from The Noisy Water” is a northwest Washington crime anthology, set in rural Whatcom County. The name “Whatcom” was derived from the Lummi word Xwotʼqom, meaning “noisy water”.

All events, characters and places in these stories — even those based on real people or events — are entirely fictional, and not meant to be taken as a real interpretation of the people or Whatcom County.

About The Author:

Luke Fleishman was born and raised in Whatcom County, Washington. He grew up with a love and fascination for crime films and in his high school years became enamored with the medium of comic books. Tales from the Noisy Water is a melding of those two passions all the while being a series of love letters to the Pacific Northwest. Luke currently resides in Los Angeles, California.